Marketing Strategy

Build Your Customer Base from Zero

Increase Exposure 1: Publishing Offers

Merchants may publish or update their offers from the system backend. It will display on the YoPoint APP main page randomly. YoPoint users will be able to see the latest offers and information. It is absolutely attracting more customers to the store.

Increase Exposure 2: YoFun

Merchant will see the promotion result after they publish their YoFun information. User who wants to get YP reward points or gifts will forward the merchant information to their friends. It will increase in-store exposure and convert a user to become a customer.

Drive Customers to Visit Store 1: YoShake

Merchants publish YoShake information. Users may shake their mobile phones to win a prize and the prize must be redeemed in the store. This will help to drive customer visits, increase in-store spending and convert a user to become a customer.

Drive Customers to Visit Store 2: Fans Gifts

Merchants may set up Fans Gifts. Users will receive a welcome gift after they bookmark the merchant. The free gift must be redeemed in the store. This welcome gift surely will drive customer visits, increase in-store spending and convert a user to become a customer.

Catch your Fans Efficiency 1: Connect to Wifi

Only one click, customers may connect to the merchant’s WiFi without attended by any service staff. It is safe and secure. It also allows customers to become the merchant’s fans and build up good interaction.

Catch your Fans Efficiency 2: Gift For Check-in

Users get a free gift automatically when they check-in and share on their social media. It’s the effect of word-of-mouth marketing.


Joint Promotion 1: Active Anywhere-Spending-Payment Mode

Active Anywhere-Spending-Payment Mode helps to build up reputation rapidly through YoPoint major social networking promotion platform. Merchants could carry out various marketing activities using YP rewards points.

Joint Promotion 2: To Be An A&P Merchant Of The Bank of China (BOC)

Merchants based in Macau may register to be an A&P merchant of the Bank of China (BOC). It creates business opportunities for merchants by promoting their products and services through the BOC branches in Macau with over 400 million cardholders in China.
Conversion From A Fans To Become A Customer

Interactive with Fans 1: Fans Promotion

Publish the latest information anytime to your fans along with free YP rewards points to attract the fans come over to redeem it at your shop. Always keep good interaction with fans and hence drive customer visits, increase in-store spending.

Interactive with Fans 2: DoBo Puzzle Game

Merchant may publish DoBo game information to motivate the customer to spend repeatedly. Each and every piece of jigsaw puzzle could be easily transferable or exchangeable amongst friends. It continues to be an effective way in spreading out information and promoting your brand.

Interactive with Fans 2: SUP Instant Service Tool

Sup is a tool for communication between users and friends or customers and merchants. It supports voice, image and instant voice call. It is a convenient way to keep in touch between customers and merchants and enhance customer service level.

Member Management 1: Activate Member-Management-System

Merchant may activate the Member-Management-System from the system backend. It would keep you up to date on the member’s spending status. Also, by prepaid Top-up feature to increase the cash flow and hence drive customer visits, increase in-store spending.

Member Management 2: Publish Information Updates to Member

Merchant may blast out the latest information of products, event promotions and etc. to all members from the system backend. Keep publicity up-to-date, stay in touch with your members.

Member Management 3: Loyalty Programme

Merchant may manage the member information, collect valuable feedback through customer interactions, thereby increase customer service quality and boost customer loyalty.
Make Full Use Of The Advantages Of e-Commerce / Optimize the Use of Online Selling

e-Commerce 1 : The Most Complete Electronic Payment Methods

Merchant may activate the most complete electronic payment method like Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay, Paypal, Alipay and etc. To provide your customers with a seamless and secure payment experience.

e-Commerce 2 : Own a YoShop

Merchant has a complete online Yoshop features at the system backend. Set up a domain name for your YoShop and download the merchant QR code. You may print this QR  code on your name card or any promotional materials to let others know about your YoShop.
Reduce Costing, Improve Efficiency

Easy Transaction 1: YoCloud Order Printing System

YoCloud Order Printing System categorise the products orders and print out to the relevant department. Every order processed automatically no matter from online or offline, in/out of shop. This could reduce unnecessary labour costs and make manpower fully utilized on other potential services.

Easy Transaction 2: Self-Service-Ordering System

F&B merchant may provide a tablet device with Self-service-ordering system for dine-in customers to make orders. Order made will send to counter, kitchen, bar and etc. to print on-spot. YoCloud Ordering System helps to lower cost of manpower and fully use of the resources.
Real Time Monitoring, Decide Anytime

Fast Store-Control 1: Manage System Backend via PC Output

All merchants have an individual system backend that let them connect from the PC output to manage the respective personnel’s delegated tasks daily. It is convenient, safe and fast!

Fast Store-Control 2: Manage System Backend via APP Output

Merchant may click to open the YoPoint management system backend through binding the mobile phone number. It works the same like a PC backend, merchant may manage daily business easily, set marketing strategy timely and monitor real-time operation efficiently.
Intelligent Commerce, Wise Life